The National Woman’s Football Association is a league for woman that love and enjoy playing football and is also the largest football league association in the world. NFL being America’s top played sport may seem more of a manly type of sport to play. But there are also woman who love the sport just as much as men do.

The NWFA was formed in August, 2000 by well known sports and entertainment entrepreneur, Catherine Masters. Masters who has more than 25 years experience in the top levels of these industries, decided it was time for women to have the chance to play full contact football in a well organized and professionally run league.

Starting with two teams, the Nashville Dream and the Alabama Renegades, the league held a pre-season showcase of six games. This pre-season ran from October 14,2000 until December 2, 2000. The pre-season was a rousing success with thousands of fans in the stands and incredible support from the media worldwide.

Between January and March of 2001, Masters added another 8 teams bringing the total of teams for the 2001 season to 10. More than 5,000 fans packed the stands at the league's first championship game where the Philadelphia Liberty Belles beat the Pensacola Power. Then, between August, 2001 and November 2001, Masters added another 11 teams bringing the total of teams gearing up for the 2002 season to 21.

In 2002 the NWFA broke all kinds of records in attendance, with 5600 fans attending the 2002 SupHer Bowl and created history with obtaining the first ever BETTING LINE on a women's football game. And, if that wasn't enough, the league negotiated and signed a FIVE year TV rights broadcast deal with the exciting new FOOTBALL NETWORK. The league also brought in its first Championship sponsor, The Essere Corporation. The Mass Mutiny and the expansion team, the Detroit Danger (named was changed to Demolition in 2003) played in the league‘s 2nd national championship game with Detroit winning the game. The NWFA produced and broadcast the 2002 Championship game to over 3 million homes.

In 2003 the NWFA added another 8 teams bringing the total number of teams competing to 29. The two teams that won the right to play in the NWFA’s 3rd National Championship Game were the Pensacola Power and the Detroit Demolition. Both teams had made previous appearances at the National Championship Game. Again, Detroit showed its talent and won the game in the 4th quarter 28-21.The game was played at Vanderbilt University stadium, the largest venue to ever host a women’s football game. And, again, the league secured a betting line on the game.

The league also scored some big points with bringing in a National and Championship sponsor, Dickens Energy Cider drink. This fuel replacement beverage will be seen at all team’s games and the company will be the main sponsor of the league’s National Championship games for three years. Again, the NWFA produced and broadcast the Championship game, this time to more than 5 million homes.

In 2004, the league fielded 37 teams for the season. The Detroit Demolition beat the OKC Lightning 52-0 at the 2004 Dickens Energy Cider Women's Pro Football Championship Presented by Progressive Rehabilitation Group, Inc. The game was held at the 68 Million dollar Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in Louisville, KY.

The league has also been the subject of many feature stories and articles in more than 250 major publications and TV networks including the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CBS Evening News, The NBC Today Show, The New York Times, Nickelodeon, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and many, many local and regional networks and publications. The league’s website had over 3.5 million hits in April of 2003.

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